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Film equipment supplier today with Digi Broadcast UK

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Film equipment supplier right now from Digi Broadcast? You’ll also discover a fantastic selection of industry-leading brands among our fine range of filming equipment, including the likes of Sony, Panasonic and Canon. We strive to provide a comprehensive selection of broadcasting equipment so that whatever your project, location or budget, at DigiBroadcast you’ll be well catered for. With a growing list of clientele that spans across the globe, an extremely knowledgeable expert team and fast, dependable shipping, look no further than DigiBroadcast for professional video and audio equipment at amazing prices. See additional details on Digi Broadcast Co. LTD.

Bags, Cases & Covers buying information by Digi Broadcast UK : Pelican cases are among the most hardwearing equipment cases on the market, priding themselves on being “the world’s toughest cases” for a range of equipment. In fact, such is their robustness and reliability, you can find a Pelican case used everywhere from police forces and aviation to the military and industrial sectors. With an amazing selection of cases from the likes of Peli and Teradek to choose from, you can be sure that at DigiBroadcast, you’re purchasing only the best quality Pelican cases in the broadcasting equipment market. If you’d like any further information on any of our camera bags, cases and covers featured, or you have any other queries, contact our friendly team of experts at DigiBroadcast – they’re always on hand and happy to help!

NP style batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries specifically designed for the likes of camcorders. Much smaller in size, these clever batteries still boast impressive power capacities, meaning that they’re both easy to transport and are also capable of long operating times. Packages such as IDX Np-L2S pictured here come complete with two NP-style batteries as well as a high-quality charger with AC adaptor, ensuring that you’re all set for a day of filming out on location or in the studio.

Whether you’re recording audio for a small independent project or a large scale production, it’s vital that the quality of your footage is complemented by fantastic sounding audio too. Here at DigiBroadcast you’ll find a expansive range of high-quality sound equipment to ensure that you’re capturing great sounding audio to complement your film. Here you’ll find top brands such as Blackmagic, Fomex, Sennheiser, Sony and Teradek among many more, all of which are renowned in the industry for their superior sound recording equipment. Browse here at DigiBroadcast where you’ll find a selection of other quality sound equipment, including boundary microphones, gooseneck microphones and more.

Many people often wonder how to be a good photographer, how to take better photos, what camera lens do I need? The world of broadcasting equipment can often be a bewildering one, but mercifully, our expert DigiBroadcast team are on hand to demystify what you need in our beginners guide to photography. First things first, what’s the best camera for beginners? We recommend a smaller sized ‘point and shoot’ style camcorder to get you started on your filming and photography journey. Canon, Panasonic and Sony all offer some fantastic entry-level products that are functional, easy to operate and comprised of high-quality components and lenses. Shadows can be created by positioning the subject just so in strong light, a technique especially popular in horror, while a silhouette can be captured by placing the subject in front of a source of light, a method that you’ll often see in murder mysteries, dramas and more to hide the identity of assailants.